All About The Pasty

the history of cornish pasty


Pasties have been made in England since the 12th century, the tin and copper miners of Cornwall England helped make them popular.

Pasties became a staple of their diet in the 18th century. The miners who worked long hours needed a nutritious and filling meal to last them through the day and the pasty fit the bill perfectly. Pasties can stay warm for hours, allowing the miners to enjoy a hot meal underground without having to return to the surface.

With the decline of the Cornish mining industry many miners immigrated to other countries including USA, Australia, South America and South Africa. This resulted in the Cornish pasty becoming popular in many far-flung corners of the globe. However, until now pasties have not been available anywhere in the Florida panhandle. We hope you enjoy embracing this tradition and making it a part of Panama City Beach.

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Fun Facts

  • Cornish Pasties are an 800yr old fast food.
  • A miner’s wife would carve her husband’s initials in his Cornish Pasty – so he knew which was his.
  • In the Cornish language a Cornish Pasty is an ‘Oggy’.
  • When the Cornish Pasties were ready the wives would shout down the mineshaft: “Oggy, oggy, oggy!” and the men would shout back: “Oi, oi, oi!”
  • Miners took the Cornish Pasty to America, and even today, there are many Cornish Pasty shops in the mining towns of Michigan.
  • Legend has it that the Devil would never venture across the River Tamar into Cornwall, for fear of being put in a Cornish Pasty